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  Moyer Labor Management, Inc. is committed to providing superior service while practicing integrity in all our business dealings.  You can count on Moyer Labor Management, Inc. to provide the certified labor force required for your projects. You call us for the people and we take care of the rest! Moyer Labor Management, Inc. will supply you with the most professional and experienced workers available to assist in completing projects on time and within budget.       

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  •   MLM can provide certified labor for: · 
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  • Boiler Pipe Abatement
  • Transite Removal 
  • Glove Bagging 
  • Floor Tile Removal 
  • Disaster Cleanup 
  • General Labor    

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  Moyer Labor Management, Inc. is dedicated to building long term professional relationships through competitive pricing and outstanding service support.  Moyer Labor Management, Inc. will supply you with the most professional and experienced workers available to assist in completing projects on time and within budget.  Our laborers are certified and licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and other nearby states.

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Delphi Auto Plant

Moyer Labor Management, Inc. workers were responsible for completing work at the Delphi Auto Plant. This was a 40 acre site under one roof, plus a power plant. Work included removal of asbestos, floor coverings, piping, boiler insulation and removal of windows. Strict adherence to time lines and goals were keys to successful completion.  Moyer Labor Management, Inc. laborers were able to complete all work ahead of schedule, which resulted in additional projects for the client. 

Mold Remediation Project

Moyer Labor Management, Inc. workers completed a mold and remediation project at an occupied pre-school facility. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of the entire exterior envelope. Moyer Labor Management, Inc. workers in cooperation with the general contractor, completed this work in 12 phases in order to keep the facility open.

AC Humko

Moyer Labor Management, Inc. labor was instrumental in completing this AC Humko site. The asbestos abatement activities on the 20+ acre site were completed in twelve different buildings. This project consisted of removal of a variety of asbestos containing materials including, pipe, boiler insulation and transite material.

The Ohio State University

 Moyer Labor Management, Inc. workers have helped to complete numerous Asbestos Abatement projects throughout the campus of Ohio State University. Many of these projects required MLM workers to complete activities while the buildings were occupied. In addition, asbestos abatement activities were completed while mechanical systems were in operation.

Mouth Carmel Health

Moyer Labor Management, Inc. laborers have completed numerous projects at Mount Carmel Health that directly impacted their long-term commitment of revitalizing the hospital. Moyer Labor Management, Inc. workers have completed Asbestos Abatement, Lead Paint Abatement, Mold Abatement, Water Extraction, and Selective Demolition of Residential Housing to allow for expansions of the facility.    

Historical Onesto Hotel

Moyer Labor Management, Inc. supplied the labor force to complete asbestos abatement work in the historical Onesto Hotel. Activities included the removal of interior walls, ceilings, floor coverings, piping, ducting, and boiler insulation material. In total, more than 2,500 cubic yards of asbestos containing material was removed in a three month period.